May 2015

the will to build (2015)

Shouson Theatre, 
Hong Kong Arts Centre   


"The Will to Build consist of a kind of concern with calmness"
Wong Hin-yan, singer-songwriter

"Every objects on stage provoke imagination. The movement of the performers and the use of space are dynamic and full of lightness. The editing of the complex information is precise and re-fine."
Dr. Natalia Chan (art critic)

"I appreciate the use of the folding stool on stage. Their image and sound create a special vibration, with resonates the real current situation of Hong Kong, regarding "preservation" and "demolishing" something."
Franco Yau (audience)

"The performance combines sobriety with humor. The subject matter is heavy, but the presentation is down to earth."
Chris Shum (lyrics writer) 

"The Will to Build definitely deserves the attention, support and thorough discussion among the practitioners in the field of theatre, drama in education and community theatre."
Chan Ping-chiu, Artistic Director of On and On Theatre Workshop

A provocative piece of “verbatim theatre” that aims to stimulate debate about the value of Hong Kong’s urban heritage.

Exploring five key elements - space, pace, functionality, spirituality and identity, The Will to Build examines the past, present and future of Hong Kong’s relentless cycle of construction and destruction, and its effects on the bodies, hearts and minds of the city’s inhabitants.

This powerful drama skillfully weaves together verbatim transcripts of Theatre du Pif’s interviews with real people who are intimately involved in and affected by the city’s obstinate will to build: construction workers, architects, planners, academics, farmers, politicians, cage-dwellers...


Director : Bonni Chan       
Text : Bonni Chan, Fayer Deng
Literary Adviser : Paul Poon*
Assistant to Director : Hofan Chau
Performers : Cheng Yee-chai, Sean Curran, Rico Wu, Larry Ng, 
Kenneth Sze, Chow Wing-yan, Hofan Chau, Bonni Chan
Visual Design  : Terrenz Chang
Video Design  : Adrian Yeung
Lighting Design : Lau Ming-hang
Costume Design : Cheng Man-wing
Music and Sound Design    : Vincent Pang
*with the kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

In Cantonese and English with Chinese and English surtitles

CAT·14 is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

the will to build 2015
the will to build 2015