Sep-Dec 2015

the actors lab 2015

......crossing canvas

Unit 12, Cattle Depot

Evoking text, paintings, space and imagination 

The Actors Lab is a one-of-a-kind performance-based collaborative training and research pro-gramme for experienced and emerging theatre professionals. In September, Theatre du Pif will invite directors, writers, actors, musicians, designers and visual artists to take part in a collaborative skills exchange and artistic experiments leading to practical technique extension and development.

Korean director Yang Jungung , stage designer Lee Yunsoo and local visual artist Sylvia Chan have also been invited to lead workshops, crossing the boundary geographically and artistically... 

In addition to the Lab core of theatre practitioners, there will be four open presentations presenting work that has sprung from various evocations. The Wing and the Painter’s LAB workshops are open and welcome the participation of both practitioners and the audience. Your visit is an indis-pensable part of the whole training and investigation journey.


Program Details


【Close gate discussion, working and making】( Online documentation)
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【The Wing】 [ Full ] 
25 Sept (Fri) 7 - 9:30pm, 26 - 27 Sept, 3 - 4 Oct (Sat & Sun) 2 - 6pm
A base for actors to hone their skills and practice their craft in the technique of acting.
Direction: Bonni Chan


【 The Painter’s LAB】 
Art Appreciation x Improvisation
5 & 12 Oct (Mon), 7:30 - 10pm, 17 Oct (Sat), 4 - 6:30 pm
A journey into the worlds of Katsushika Hokusai, Paul Klee and Giorgio Morandi with improvisational presentations inspired by the artists and devised by the Lab artists.
Tutor:Sylvia Chan
*Conducted in Cantonese with condensed English translation

【An opening gathering with autumn delights...】
16 Oct (Fri), 6:45pm

【Presentation I:  MOSCOW ONE】
16 Oct (Fri), 8pm
Scenes presentation of The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov

【Presentation II: MOSCOW TWO】
17 Oct (Sat), 8pm
Exploration of movement, text and space inspired by the narratives and dreams of The Three Sisters

24 Oct (Sat), 8pm
Experimental pieces inspired by the works and lives of Katsushika Hokusai, Paul Klee and Giorgio Morandi



[Space & Stage] workshop presentation
30 Dec (Wed), 8pm
Collaborating with award winning Korean director Yang Jungung and stage designer Lee Yunsoo, the workshop will explore the relation between site,space and the stage, based on Alice in the Wonderland. Follow the rabbit and explore!


“Your presence and engagement in the presentations  will complete and give meaning to all these little steps of investigation." 

Activities will be conducted in Cantonese and English


The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters probes the lives and dreams of former Muscovites now living in a provincial town from which they long to escape. Anton Chekhov shares their aspirations, obsessions, loves, and lusts. This masterpiece is inevitably, gloriously, and comically about the present moment. 

Yang Jungung (Korea)

Yang is an award winning Korean stage director, producer and playwright. He founded Yohangza Theatre Company which is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind productions that focus more on the sensible positioning and movement of actors than verbal aspects. His works often infuse contemporary elements with traditional Korean culture and have been invited to perform in the UK, Egypt, Poland, Japan, Taipei and more. His important works include The ChairsA Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet. Yang is currently the Professor of the Seoul Institute of the Arts. 

Lee Yunsoo (Korea)

Lee is a renowned Korean stage designer. He graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design of the University of the Arts London, gaining a Master Degree in Performance Design and Practice Course. He has been working as stage designer for the past 15 years. Lee worked for the acclaimed Yohangza Theatre Company as visual director and stage designer, and also collaborator with Theatre du Pif as stage designer, for Hanako's PillowNocturnal Vista and Waiting for Godot. Lee is currently a lecturer at Kyung-Gi University. 

Sylvia Chan

Graduated from University of Hong Kong and studied Fine Art in New York. Sylvia has been working in the field of art education, stage design and cultural studies for many years. She is now a freelancer and part time lecturer (Art Appreciation) in the Film Academy, Hong Kong Baptist University. She designed for theatre productions and she enjoys making arts in theatre, in book form, and in her own garden. 


CAT·14 is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

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