5-7 Jul 1996

the oak tree-an odyssey

Hong Kong Arts Centre
Shouson Theatre

"The play was a feast of exquisite visual delicacies, and the movement of the actors was beautifully rehearsed and conveyed a poetic quality." 

"Bonni Chan did an excellent job of being a man, so effective that when she resumed the role of a woman her previous manly presence consistent with the theme of the play, was still tangible.  The text was lyrical and meditative and the supporting actors performed with great sincerity"
Simon Wu, South China Morning Post, July 1996


Inspired by Virginia Woolf's classic novel Orlando.

Slipping between genders, we follow a search for self-identity and love, with the magic notion of immortality evoking a sense of loss for the past (nostalgia), and a feeling of joy for the possible future.

Bonni Chan won the Best Actress Award at the Hong Kong Drama Awards (1998) for her performance in this production.

In Cantonese and English

the oak tree - an odyssey