August 2007

The 2007 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play


"This is an extraordinary, no-hold-barred drama that both chills and thrills."
The Daily Telegraph UK

"The Best productions of the year came from contemporary English-language drama."
In Theatre du Pif’s staging of David Harrower’s powerful Blackbird Bonni Chan Lai-chun delivered a strong performance."
South China Morning Post, December 2007


Blackbird is a brilliantly written, powerful and provocative two-hander about the reunion of a middle-aged man and a woman, with whom he had a sexual relationship when she was twelve years old.  The man was sent to jail and on his release assumed a new identity and began rebuilding his life.  Fifteen years have passed.  She has thought of nothing else and on discovering a photo of him in a trade magazine, she sets out to find him, with shattering consequences.

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