Nov 2010



Bonni Chan's adaptation of Cao Yu's classic play is a modern and radical exploration of one woman's moral degradation in the face of a hostile and materialistic society.

Chen Bailu is a high class prostitute who leads a self indulgent and pleasure-seeking life in a luxury hotel patronized by rich bankers, socialites and an assortment of loan sharks, gigolos, and gangsters. When her old boyfriend Fang Da-shang arrives in the city from the countryside hoping to rescue her from the decadent life she is living it sets in motion a series of events that leads Bailu on a tragic path from which there is no escape.

Cao Yu for the 21st century with a breathtaking mix of touching realism and bruising physicality.

Original Script : Cao Yu
Adaptation/Director : Bonni Chan
Stage Designer : Lee Yun-soo
Lighting Designer : Lau Ming-hang
Costume Designer : Cheng Man-wing
Music and Sound Designer : Pang Chun-kit, Vincent
Producer : Chan Wai-yee, Lotus
Cast : Sean Curran, Melissa Leung, Adrian Yeung, Chan Yi-chung, Hitomi Lai Linda, Ho Hong-man, Ho Kin-man, Ng Shiu-hei Larry, Tai yee-mei, Tang On-tik, Wan Yuk-yu