Apr 2009

sunrise in macau

Small Auditorium, Macau Cultural Centre

Production and Organizer:
Macau Cultural Centre


Chen Bailu is a social butterfly who leads a self-indulgent pleasure-seeking life in a luxury hotel patronized by rich bankers, socialites and an assortment of prostitutes, gigolos, and gangsters. She only starts to re-examine herself when her old boyfriend Fang Da-sheng, who loves her deeply, arrives in the city from the countryside hoping to rescue her from the decadent life she is living.

Sunrise, by the great Chinese dramatist Cao Yu, has long been regarded as one of the most celebrated Chinese theatre classics. In this new adapted version by Theatre du Pif's Bonni Chan, a group of Macao performers along with Sean Curran re-interpret this classic play.

The production is a fusion of text, highly visual theatre and fantastic stage design. Lee Yun Soo, the Korean stage designer for the acclaimed  Yohangza Theatre Company's hit A Midsummer Night's Dream and Theatre du Pif's Nocturnal Visita and Hanako's Pillow joins the creative team to forge a modern day Sunrise that should not be missed!

sunrise in Macau