Oct 2011

la casa in guangzhou

"The vitality of dance blossoms alongside the poetic language of Lorca... the struggle of the human condition and the tension of the drama stretched beyond the theatre." 
Information Times

"The rhythm of the drama flows consistently with the movement of dancers. This is probably the perfect integration of poetic theatre and modern dance."
Newsletter, On and On Theatre

Following an intensive summer workshop and three weeks exploration in the rehearsal room Bonni Chan and nine dancers from the Guangzhou Modern Dance Company share their creative discoveries with a work in progress showing based around the final play of the Spanish dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca, The House of Bernarda Alba.

Lorca's play revolves around the themes of repression, conformity and sexual desire and tells the story of a tyrannical mother who keeps her five daughters confined at home until one of them makes a bid for freedom with tragic consequences.

The showing present the audience with a multi-layered interpretation of Lorca's play that combines modern dance with theatre.

Director / Adaptation : Bonni Chan
Performers : Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Visual Design : Sylvia Chan
Lighting Design : Lau Ming Hang
la casa in GuangZhou