dance me to the end of love in colombia

"Steeped in subtle humour and deep emotions. Not to be missed!"
Berliner Magazine

"Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin, Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in, Lift me like an olive branch, be my homeward dove, Dance me to the end of Love!"
L. Cohen


Dance Me to the End of Love draws its inspiration from Nobel prize winner for literature Hermann Hesse's famous novel "Siddhartha".  Fusing elements of theatre and dance with live music, the show chronicles the quest of a young man, Siddhartha, for the conquest of suffering and fear.  Siddhartha's journey leads him through the temptations of luxury and wealth, the delights of sensual love and the sinister threat of death-dealing snakes towards the fulfillment of his destiny as a ferryman guided by the all-knowing voice of the running river.

In this visually stunning production, the story of Siddhartha is counter balanced by the poetic and haunting songs of Canadian singer and poet, Leonard Cohen.

The production toured to Latin America opening at the Manizales International Theatre Festival, Colombia on September 16, 2011.

Director / Devisor/Performer : Bonni Chan
Devisor / Performers : Sean Curran
Visual Designer : Sylvia Chan
Lighting Designer : Lau Ming Hang
Costume Designer : Cheng Man Wing